2/9/2017 IT Meeting

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  • James O'Keefe, MA
  • Josh Restivo, MO


What we have

  • Blog - blog.pirate-party.us
  • Wiki - wiki.pirate-party.us
  • CiviCRM - crew.uspirates.org
  • Space for a static site - uspirates.org/pirate-party.us
  • Communication Tools

What we need

  • Better ways for Pirates to communicate and self-organize
  • Fast site the people says who we are and helps supporters self-organize
  • Way to spin up new state sites easily
  • Maintain and expand the blog
  • Maintain and expand the wiki
  • Maintain and expand crew.uspirates.org
  • Move wiki and blog back to to uspirates.org
  • Consolidate email lists?

Who does what

  • Static Site - Josh & Mike?

Next Meeting