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Jeff Talada is running for Bellevue City Council Position 4. Use this page to coordinate efforts to get Jeff elected. To help out, contact

Step 1: Getting on the ballot

  • Goal: 198 + 20% valid signatures of registered voters in Bellevue
  • Current: 240
  • Status: Complete and on the ballot

Step 2: Campaign


  • Goal: Make the top-two


  • Goal: 25k votes
  • Volunteer priority should be to get more volunteers.
  • Other things to do (by no means all inclusive):
    • "Get Out the Vote"
    • Door-to-door canvassing
    • Fliering and postering
    • Tabling at festivals


  • Need pamphlet, business card, and flier designs
  • Get list of registered voters
  • Pictures and designs can be posted on this wiki. Please post below: