Lessons learned from major events

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When you are at an event, especially if you are tabling, make sure that you:

  • Study the rules and documents from the exhibition organizers. Remember that it is they who decide what activities we can do legitimately.
  • Compile a user ("cheat sheet") for people at the table, directing our marchers, etc. If you can include a copy of the operator's rules, say at the table, all the better.
  • Have some sort of list of what the sessions/activities are and when they are. You should also know who is the 'official' in charge of that session.
  • Designate a contact person from our side, who can take care of any last minute questions.
  • Know what materials you will need and have them on hand or identify the person who will be bringing them.
  • Have fun, be friendly and don't sweat the small stuff!

Additionally, Geek Feminism has a good article on organizing Women-friendly events.

After Getting the Digits of Those Who Show Up, Call Everybody Back Within A Week

Every meeting or action when you were smart enough to get a crowd, and get their digits, you MUST send everybody an email and a text, and make a personal phone call thanking them for coming and strike up a brief conversation about what it all means, what might happen next, and how they might be willing to participate or help out. 1