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Pirate Insurrection

In order to determine the extent to which the PNC is truly the legitimate governing body of the US Pirate Party, and to gain a free hand in pioneering new collaboration methods, we should form a "Pirate Insurrection" which is a (completely unauthorized) body having individual rather than state members, and that runs itself entirely using asynchronous meetings. Individual participants can use synchronous meetings as they see fit, but we should never exclude or discriminate against those who:

  • are not part of a state party,
  • do not participate in a synchronous manner, or
  • do not wish to identify themselves to everyone, as long as their identity has been verified by an officer of the Insurrection.


This group was originally conceived in an original forum posting.

Asynchronous Meetings

Wiki pages are a good place to do virtual meetings? You can use both the page and the discussion page, so it just occurred to me.


One high priority should be to get a wider range of attractive policies. This is the biggest area I've been working on. I feel that one problem we have is that we don't have enough interest from our own supporters, and we can't attract enough people with our limited set of policies. So I'm putting a lot of effort into drafting a comprehensive set of provocative and attractive policies that should help us with recruitment, and with getting greater participation from our own people.


Another high priority should be the development of pirate political theory. One thing that I have seen pirates struggle to do is form an identity and a coherent message. I think that reason why we are having such trouble is because we are trying to place pirate politics in the context of modern political rhetoric and theory. That is an issue because the pirate ideals are completely different. It is my position that the pirate party is not only a political party but that it is a world view, an ideology and a new way of doing politics.