Registering with IRS

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Intro Screen


The first page of the online EIN registration system will explain details about the restrictions and setup of the online utility. After reading, click "Begin Application".

Organization Type


Since there are no options on the first page that match the criteria of the entity, you'll need to choose "View Additional Types, Including Tax-Exempt and Governmental Organizations", then click "Continue".

Organization Type (cont.)


On this page select "Political Organization", then click "Continue".

Organization Type Description


This page will describe the option you just chose. If you accidentally chose the wrong option, then click "Change Type"; if it is correct, then click "Continue".

EIN Registration Type


On this page it will request why you are registering for an EIN, select "Started a new business" since you are registering a new entity. Click "Continue"

Responsible Party


On this page it will ask who is the responsible party for the political organization. Since you are starting the first political entity of the Pirate Party in your state and have no existing business, select "Individual", then click "Continue".

Responsible Party (cont.)


This page will request your information for registering the entity to know who's responsible for it. Fill in the first name, middle name/initial, and last name with your information. If you have a special title (Junior, Senior, etc), choose one for the Suffix dropdown menu; if not, leave it at "Select One".

For SSN/ITIN, use your Social Security Number, as this is required to identify and authenticate you to the IRS.

Lastly, choose "I am responsible and duly authorized office or a board member having knowledge of this organization's affairs", then click "Continue".

Political Organization Location


Fill in the location information about the political party, if you have a physical presence. If not, then just use your home address. Likewise for the phone number. If you want the IRS to mail you at a different address other than the physical building where your state Pirate Party's operations reside, then choose "Yes"; if not (in most cases), select "No". Lastly, click "Continue".

Political Organization Name and Financials


Fill in the legal name of the Political Organization, by what you have officially chosen. Suggestions are "Pirate Party of (State Name)" (most common), or "(State Name) Pirate Party". Fill in the county and state of where it's located.

For the start date, in most cases you can simply put the month and year that you are filling out this online form.

For closing month of accounting year, choose "December".

For "Will you file Form 8871 under Sec 527", choose "Yes".

Reread everything you have entered and correct any errors, when you're completely certain you filled everything in without spelling errors, click "Continue".



This page will ask if you will have any employees receiving W-2s. So if you are honestly hiring someone as an employee of the political organization as a part-time or full time job, you'd choose Yes. But in majority of cases this usually isn't the case, therefore in that instance choose "No". Click "Continue".


The remainder of the process is simply inquiring if you'd prefer to have the IRS snail mail you your EIN number, or if you want to retreive it immediately online as a PDF, so that you can simply print the same document that you'd receive in the mail. This is your preference. You need to chose one of the options, and click "Continue", rather than just closing the web browser thinking you're done. Now you are registered with the IRS and can now open a bank account for your State Pirate Party when you reach the page saying "Thank you for using the EIN Assistant".