WAPP 10/4/12

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  • University of Washington is an already vicinity - we will meet in two weeks, on October 18th, at a place TBD that serves beer.
  • Brandon will let us know more about the Student Fair at Seattle Central
  • Tabling
    • Table next week at Seattle Central student fair
    • People need to stand in front of the table
    • Jeffrey will create a vector image for stickers, Brady will print
    • Mike will e-mail Katt about making a tri-fold science fair thing
    • Brady will send along his PirateBox and try to get a flag ASAP
    • Mailing List sign up sheet
    • Something with social media info on it (Facebook/Twitter/Reddit...on the sticker?)
  • Check up on PDC/Corporate Status, ensure we're kosher
  • UWB Student Groups - Dan knows others who can work with Brady to start there
  • John - Leadership Program, 45 points
    • Build curriculum for a Training Program similar to MAPP's How2Run4Office
  • 20-40 minute boilerplate presentation on the PP with powerpoint
  • Speaking Tours
  • Demystification of Legislation
    • OpenCongress API