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So you want to get involved and help out the Pirate Party here in Washington. We thank you for your interest and can't wait to work with you in making Washington a better state and America a better country. There are many ways you can help out and many are listed below but it is by no means all inclusive. If you want to help out you can contact us via email and we'll help get you set up.

  1. Canvassing is an integral part of any political party and involves knocking on doors, talking to people about the Pirate Party, its initiatives, and its candidates in their area, and putting up fliers. Canvassers also make sure people are registered to vote and sometimes hold block parties to rally interest in your neighborhood.
  2. Running for national, state, or local office is another important thing you can do. We need candidates and there are so many positions you'd be surprised and many are vacant or uncontested. If you feel the officials in your city, state, or country aren't representing you and the people's best interest, you can run for office and fix your government.
  3. Committees use different methods to spread the Pirate word, whether through press releases, research on current happenings in congress and state legislature, drafting legislation, or maintaining the website.
  4. Joining, creating, or donating to a Pirate non-profit or PAC helps to fund campaigns of candidates with large voter districts or educate people about Pirate values. They place ads on billboards, TV, and fliers, sell T-shirts, put stands at local events, and much more.
  5. Projects are start-ups that will become committees or something else. If you don't see what you're looking for you can suggest it in the discussion page or contact us through email.

Below you can see some of our needs, wants, and what you can do to get started in your own area.

High Priority Needs

  • Recruitment Materials
    • Posters
    • Table Kit
      • Table-sized Banner
      • Pamphlets
      • Stickers
      • Sign-up Form
      • Business Cards
      • Tri-fold Design and Content
  • Student Organizers (Form a student group at your college, university, or school; These are essential as they have cheap to free resources and funding)
  • Regional Organizers (We need state, legislative district, congressional district, county, and precinct organizers; Their purpose is to coordinate what candidates and initiatives canvassers need to talk about to their area's constituents about.)
  • Social Media Outreachers (Ideally, several people per social media outlet per state and a state coordinator)
  • Researchers (Every state has different rules and regulations regarding proper procedures and we need people who can research such things)
    • Ballot Access, and Running Candidates and Initiatives
  • Networking (By putting on events with and sharing credit with local groups costs can be shared as well as members)
    • Creating Partnerships with Other Groups
  • Candidates
  • Initiatives/Referendums (Only 23 states allow for public creation and retraction of laws and we need to take advantage of this; ex. In WA, there is an initiative to label GMOs which puts transparency into our food system)

Other Needs

  • Website Development
  • Writing/Content Creation
    • Newsletters
    • Press Releases
    • Recruitment Material Content
  • Graphic Design
    • Recruitment Material Design
  • Non-profit/PAC Business Administrators (Having a corporation in each state helps with liability issues; ex. Someone posts a poster where they aren't supposed to, ex. An opposing candidate sues for libel)
    • Legal
    • Financial

Proposed Needs

  • If you have an idea, put it here.

Local Interest Generation Ideas

  • Hold a Crypto Party (A party where people get together and teach each other how to use privacy tools like Truecrypt, TOR, and PGP)
  • Set up a table at a fair (Having a physical presence at a fair helps get the Pirate Party name out to the public)
  • Hold a wheat pasting party (Wheat paste is used to put up posters and because it's biodegradable it's legal to paste almost anywhere, it also goes a lot faster and is more fun when done with many people)
  • Bring a speaker to a local college campus
  • Build coalitions with other groups (Holding events in cooperation with other groups reduces costs and spreads the Pirate Party name)