PNC 11/18/19

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Record of the meeting


[9:01pm] Pirate_Joe: I did not send out an agenda this week due to simply wishing to continue our talk from last week.
[9:01pm] Pirate_Joe: Ahoy Jokeefe!
[9:01pm] jokeefe: ok
[9:01pm] Pirate_Joe: Glad you made it.
[9:01pm] Pirate_Joe: You as well K`Tech
[9:01pm] Pirate_Joe: *K`Tetch
[9:01pm] Pirate_Joe: Ids please
[9:01pm] OGPAF: Johann Drolshagen, Webmaster, California
[9:02pm] hvxgr_ joined the chat room.
[9:02pm] Pirate_Joe: Joseph Onoroski, Captain, MA
[9:02pm] jokeefe: James O’Keefe, Somerville
[9:02pm] jokeefe: Massachusetts
[9:02pm] jokeefe: sorry, reflex
[9:02pm] Pirate_Joe: lol
[9:02pm] Pirate_Joe: Ahoy hvxgr
[9:03pm] Pirate_Joe: OGPAF, did you ever send out that email to the sab list?
[9:03pm] Pirate_Joe: I don't recall seeing it.
[9:03pm] OGPAF: yup - did it during last meeting
[9:04pm] OGPAF: I can send again
[9:04pm] bosun_laptop joined the chat room.
[9:04pm] bosun_laptop: sorry connectivity issues
[9:05pm] Pirate_Joe: I would like to leave the floor to you OGPAF, but first a quick question. Has the site made any sales of yet?
[9:05pm] Pirate_Joe: no worries, Bosun_laptop
[9:05pm] OGPAF: nope - nothing is connected on the backend of the site [in re shopify]