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--- 08/16/2012 18:00h PST ---
Room: #pnc

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PNC

participating: QuazarGuy Washington Rush Florida Jarod Georgia Erik Zoltan Massachusetts MrSquared Oregon Liz Brunner, New York



1.2 - At Large Members of the PNC

Itspara - Maryland Sacha - Michigan

1.3 - Others



Meeting opened at 9.02pm EST by Travis McCrea Meeting closed at _pm EST by Meeting chaired by Travis McCrea Secretary for this meeting is QuazarGuy Quorum is established. [] Members out of [] present Logging Enabled: Yes

3 - Review of previous minutes


4.1 - Short report of the board members


looking for a candidate, someone over 35 have from beginning of June until mid-July to get 1000 registered voter sigs to raise our dontations limit put up a new website

New York

met with Stefan Korbe from PPDE he's sending some black&white stuff from berlin HOPE talk has been submitted no word on approval yet

Interviews with Lange of politik&kommunication set for jun1 at 3pm

More visitors coming to NY, plan to meet with them this weekend

Zac Green has decided to run for NY Assembly

working on collecting signatures so he can be on the ballot


Florida offers NY copies of NSH for $4 + shipping Sweden bought 25 copies of the book Work is great on NSH2 Brad Hall is now officially the FLPP Chairman


Our Representative candidate JP Hollembaek has had a large number of signatures challenged, and it looks like an uphill battle to get on the ballot. His district was recently gerrymandered, and a lot of people didn't realize they're now in a different district. We had a film festival over the weekend. The turnout was disappointing but we met some new potential members. I guess people like talks better than free movies.


received a "letter" about the TPP and posted it on the GA website Still trying to figure out how to go about filing the registration statement for the GA party

4.2 - Short Report From Committees

IT Committee

5 - Admission into the PNC for MI Pirates

(Moved down by a proxy motion from Washington at the request of Sacha) Amanda seeks to have MI pirates moved from At-Large to full member.(This Needs A State Second)

6 - PNC Membership

Mass Pirates Propose: Motion to allow observers to speak 5 for, 1 abstain, at-large for A. PNC Member States must meet the following requirements. Motion to go line by line Passed A1. A PNC member state must adhere to the three main planks of the Pirate Party. It is not required to adopt, nor is it prohibited from adopting, any other positions. Passed 6 for, at-large for A2. It must have at least four members.It must have a membership actively attempting to grow. Motion to change to "It must have a membership actively attempting to grow" 5 for, 1 against, at-large for Passed 5 for, 1 abstain, at-large for A3. It should have both a PNC representative and an alternate, who must both be active members. The state must not miss PNC meetings. question "absentee voting only on items where the voter has read and agreed to the motion already" 1 for, 2 against, at-large against motion to go back to voting on all at once Failed motion to go by block Passed A4. It must have an active web presence and an easy way to be contacted by prospective members. A5. If any existing PNC member state fails to meet these requirements, or if the state fails to send a representative to two consecutive meetings, then it can be placed in probationary status by a majority vote. The rest of section A 5 for, at-large for

B. Observer States Motion to add, "B6. Observer status can be revoked by a majority vote." 4 for, at-large for 4 for, at-large for B1. An observer state is any state that sends a PNC representative and which is not a PNC member state. New observer states must be approved by the PNC. B2. Observer states do not have a voice and do not have a full vote. B3. The chair can recognize PNC meeting participants with no voice at any time, and should give observer states an opportunity to comment prior to voting. B4. Any observer state may vote. The votes of all observer states are grouped together as one full vote, with each observer state receiving an equal fraction. A vote can carry or fail by a fractional amount. B5. In the event that there is only one observer state, it is given a half vote. B6. Observer status can be revoked by a majority vote.

C. Probationary Status 4 for, at-large for C1. A probationary member state has a voice in the PNC. It can propose agenda items in advance but cannot make motions. C2. A probationary member state's vote is counted as one half that of a full PNC member state. C3. After one month of probationary status, a state which still does not meet the requirements for full membership can be placed on inactive status by a majority vote. Motion to change to, "After one month of probationary status, a state which still does not meet the requirements for full membership can be demoted to observer status by a majority vote." 4 for, at-large for C4. If a probationary state does meet the requirements for full membership, the probationary status can be removed by a majority vote.

D. Inactive Status Motion to remove D 4 for, at-large for D1. A PNC member state on inactive status has exactly the same standing as an observer state. D2. To return from inactive status, the requirements are the same as those for a new state to apply for PNC membership.

- AOB -

Travis McCrea would like a list of contact emails for each state party, and phone numbers if available. If you have a phone number, also indicate if it should be included in the toll free number or not to allow people to call you directly Discussion on Jill Stein being our nomination person for president? Maybe try to contact her campaign and get her to know more of our stuff? Table 3 for, 1 against

Next meeting: 05/23/2012

Meeting closed: at 1:10am EST