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--- 06/13/12 18:00h PST ---
Room: #pnc
Wiki: []


Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PNC

  • participating:
    • Bradley Hall, Florida
    • Lindsay-Anne Brunner, NY
    • Brady O'bannon Dibble, Washington
    • Jarod, GA
    • Kyle DeVore, Oregon
    • Erik Zoltan, Massachusetts
    • Orion Steele, California
  • excused: 
  • unexcused: 
    • Oklahoma

1.2 - At Large Members of the PNC

  • Itspara maryland
  • Sacha, MI

1.3 - Others


  • Meeting opened at :  pm EST by Travis McCrea
  • Meeting closed at : 12:10am EST by 
  • Meeting chaired by Travis McCrea
  • Secretary for this meeting is QuazarGuy
  • Quorum is established. [6] Members out of [7] present
  • Logging Enabled: Yes

3 - Review of previous minutes


4.1 - Short report of the board members 

  • participated in the Boston Pride Parade last weekend
    • all dressed up as pirates and handed out fliers as we marched and chanted slogans
    • completely underestimated the level of interest there would be
      • ran out of fliers one third of the way through the parade
    • learned a lot and have many ideas about how to improve our process next time
  • going to have a hackathon soon to put up liquid feedback on our site
  • drafting the language of a ballot proposal
  • n/a
  • nothing to report
  • nothing to report
  • nothing to report
  • nothing to report
New York
  • Zac interviewed with huffpost
  • making some phone calls to the board of elections to actually be registered
  • Pirate choir will be rehearsing on 23rd
  • Lindsay has been named administrative officer
  • Zac is now Operations and will be the new NY rep, with Lindsay as backup

4.2 - Short Report From Committees

IT Committee
  • Didn't report

California Seeks Entry Into PNC

  • Massachusetts moves to admit California into the PNC.
    • Motion to allow Orion to speak on behalf of CA
      • 4 for, at-large (1) for
    • Reasons for membership provided by Orion
      • we believe in the ideals of the pirate party, and we are committed to defending pirate party ideology
      • believe that we can contribute to a successful national movement and provide resources/information/support to other states
      • we believe that our members have a unique opportunity to lobby on behalf of pirates in Hollywood
      • founded on May 1, 2012
        • Since that time we have formally organized with the secretary of state and IRS
        • started a voter registration drive to become a registered party in our state
      • launched a website, facebook, twitter and google accounts, and in the short time we have been in business we have recruited over 50 pirates
      • Our plan is to conduct live public debates about pirate related issues, to hold pirate rallies and concerts, as well as do everything we can to promote public intellectualism
      • our group of pirate party administrators are smart, committed individuals
      • Orion would be PNC rep for CA and their president, Jake Ziering, will be secondary
    • 5 for, 1 abstain, at-large (1) for

5 - Progress on Temporary PNC Objectives

  • Motion to allow Sacha a comment
    • 4 for
    • Comment:
      • Last week this was discussed so late that no clear plan was agreed upon before adjourning for the night. Simply "confirm by sunday" on Saturday I sent out an email to the board requesting further instruction and recieved nothing back. I think we should keep that in mind before ruling on whether or not we cut out the people that were not confirmed last meeting.
  • Washington motions to vote now on a single chair for the Constitution Committee to act primarily as a representative to the PNC from the following: Brad, Brady, Zac
    • 4 for, at-large (.5) for
    • Vote for the representative
Key | First Round | Second Round
F8kg3l | Zac Brady Rush | Zac 2 Brady 1
D93kjs | Brady Zac Brad | Zac 1 Brady 2
K34sof | Zac Brady Brad | Zac 2 Brady 1
C3ksdl | Brady Zac Brad | Zac 1 Brady 2
Hisk3lf | Zac Brad Brady | Zac 2 Brady 0
Kisff3n | Brady Brad Zac | Zac 1 Brady 2
  • Zac 14
  • Brady 14
  • Brad 8
Final Round Results:
  • Zac 9
  • Brady 8

6 - VPN

Any states that would like to provide VPN service to their members:

  • Rates would be $10 p/mo $35 p/6mo $60 p/yr
  • Your state would make $5 $15 $30 respectively (not per signup, but per mo/6/yr)
  • This is the same system being adopted by PPI for member countries, so it's pretty awesome. It's a great way for your state to make money to be used for advertising and party funds. Here is the order page to get a feel for it. (ignore the current prices, they are just place holders)

- AOB -

  • Motion to adjourn
    • 4 for, at-large for

Next meeting: 6/20/12 at 9:00pm EST

Meeting closed: at 12:10 am EST