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(At Large Members of the PNC)
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=====At Large Members of the PNC =====
====At Large Members of the PNC ====
*sacha, Michigan
*sacha, Michigan

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06/20/2012 18:00h PST
IRC: irc.pirateirc.net
Room: #pnc
Wiki: http://www.pirate-party.us/wiki/PNC_6/27/12


Members of the PNC

  • Erik Zoltan, MA
  • Zacqary Green, NY
  • Brad Hall, FL
  • Kyle deVore, OR
  • Jarod, GA
  • Washington
  • California
  • Oklahoma

At Large Members of the PNC

  • sacha, Michigan


  • Meeting opened at: 9:08pm EST by Travis McCrea
  • Meeting closed at: 10:49pm EST by Travis McCrea
  • Meeting chaired by Travis McCrea
  • Secretary for this meeting is kusanagi
  • Quorum is established. 5 Members out of 8 present
  • Logging Enabled: Yes

Review of previous minutes


Short report of the board members


Hosted Pirate luncheon to help spread awareness of hackerthon this coming weekend. hackerthon will try to build a liquid feedback system for their site. Will be offering VPN

  • absent
  • absent
  • Working on attending "Rock the Ballot" event in Portland at end of July.
  • Drafting documents to become official
  • Working on NSH2, asking for more contributions
New York
  • Pirate Choir isw to be held on July 14th, site for the action is at www.nypirateparty.org/piratechoir Please spread the word. Also have been working on Plzpirate.me. Doing an experiment so members who wish to remain anonymous can vote via crypto keys
  • absent

Short Report From Committees

IT Committee
  • no update
PNC Charter Committee
  • the PNC votes to extend its existence until July 12 and will next meet on July 11 to consider the report of the constitutional committee.
  • vote to pass was unianimous, 5.5 votes for.
  • Motion to not have a meeting on July 4th, PNC voted and was passed, 5.5 for.

Official Naming Convention of State Parties

  • Discussion was had about naming conventions, no motions nor vote was made.

Adopting Science Based Reasoning as Official Policy

  • Motion to officially advocate science-based reasoning
  • Vote passed, 5 for, .5 against

Adopting the 1% of Tax Dollars For NASA platform

  • (we currently have no platforms)
  • Discussion, no motions. deferred to a nonspecified later date.

Ultimatum for Oklahoma to Participate in the PNC

  • Discussion about OK's nonparticipation in PNC. Letter was sent regarding nonparticpation, will return to this topic next meeting.


  • The name thing that Kusanagi keeps asking about, clarifying the roll call process at the beginning of meeting.
    • Motion for PNC representatives to use their real names
      • Vote passes, 3 for, 1.5 abstain
  • MrSquared has a concern in the USPP website
  • Matuck - please change "Oregan" to "Oregon"

Next meeting: 7/11/12 at 9:00pm EST Meeting closed: at 11:39 pm EST