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--- 08/8/2012 21:00h EDT ---
Room: #pnc


Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PNC

  • participating:
    • Joseph T. Klein, Wisconsin
    • Zacqary Adam Green, NY
    • Jarod Smith, GA
    • Jeff Talada, WA
    • Orion Steele, CA
    • Kyle DeVore, OR
    • Bradley Hall, Florida
  • excused
    • Massachusetts
  • unexcused
  • probation
    • OK (fourth week)

1.2 - At Large Members of the PNC

  • Alex Kollar PA
  • James Eastman/Amanda Johnson, Michigan


  • Meeting opened at: 09:02 pm EDT by Lindsay-Anne Brunner
  • Meeting closed at: 11:08pm EDT by Lindsay-Anne Brunner
  • Meeting chaired by 
  • Secretary for this meeting is Jeff Talada
  • Quorum is established: Members 7 out of 8 present
  • Logging Enabled: Yes

3 - Review of previous minutes


4.1 - Short report of the board members

  • excused
  • no report
  • working on getting the ORPP FB page up


  • no report
  • Friday we have to file our 3-month activity report with the Florida Department of Elections
New York
  • Pirate Choir video should be done this week
  • we are all back from various teaching jobs across the country so we are starting to bring together all of the ideas and networking together and take action
  • reaching over 8000 people on facebook every day and our twitter/subreddit/google+ page is growing daily
  • just had our 9th videotaped weekly meeting and it is available online
  • on wednesday we have our third episode of the pirate hour (would love to see any of you there) we are interviewing Bill Kelleher and Alan Dechert
  • working with Travis McCrea and the German pirates as part of the AGPPP
  • This week we are in the process of switching over our website to our own server space, installing liquid feedback and a 24/7 radio stream
    • as part of our media project we are trying to start working with other pirate parties to collect content from musicians in their districts that support our cause, then setting up a radio station that plays our music, podcasts/interviews and our own commercials
      • its an awesome way to unite the pirate parties around the world and build the cultural component of our movement
      • got interest from Pirate Parties UK and Finland
  • working on the music project and an internship proposal to take to universities in our area to give college students school credit for helping us with the pirate party
  • writing blogs and keeping stuff fresh

Want help with:

  1. pirate hour - this is an awesome venue for talking to important people about stuff we care about. we are trying to nail down the time for generally thursday nights at 9 pm PDT (midnight on east coast). any of these you could come to helps us because we need a full audience and helps you because it allows you to connect with people and share our networking labor
  2. TPP treaty negotiations - we were really happy to have a presence in san diego and we will work with anyone who is interested in going to virginia to help you with a speech or materials to distribute or whatever
  • our members voted and ratified the PNC Constitution
  • looking into the possibility of a student pirate group at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • reaching 33k people on facebook weekly
  • Twitter network shows constant growth, and we will soon be making efforts to network using google+

4.2 - Short Report From Committees

IT Committee

5 - Agenda Items

- AOB -

Observer State updates

  • Michigan
    • revamping site
    • waiting on the AGPPP care package
    • Ann Arbor boys to start flyering with other flyers when we get the funds
    • have a couple contacts at the U of M to flyer there and I'm trying to get others from Wayne State, EMU and other universities to start student groups
  • Minnesota
    • got the HTTPS cert for the MNPP website
    • talk with someone from the Rochester, MN area whom has interested folks in the MNPP
    • may have some interested folks from a political meetup that I regularly go to

Elections really need to get done eventually. - Amanda Johnson

Vote to issue a statement of opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. 1 for, at-large for

Questions, Comments, Concerns Send a request to Asha Ziering ( to participate in Pirate Hour

Next Meeting Date

  • Next meeting: Wednesday, August 18 at 9PM EDT
  • Meeting closed: 11:08pm EDT