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Pirate Insurrection

  • How do we want to advertise that we exist? Sacha Oct 25 2012
  • What do we want to focus on? How big do we want to make this? Sacha Oct 25 2012
  • What is our strategy for growth? --Erixoltan (talk) 09:43, 8 November 2012 (EST)


Asynchronous Meetings

  • Here is what I think that we can do. We can use the discussion page just make sure that you sign your talks and we can all use one bullet point. So for example if I was first I would use one '*' next person does '**' to reply and then I reply with '*' to them. We can make up different topics by using '== ==' etc. So '='Meetings'=' '==' discussion '==' and '==' members '==' like that. Sacha Oct 25 2012